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I won a lottery!

Madonna di Cambiglio

sunny 20 °C

Really, this is not a joke. I won, and I never win anything!
I got a call from this company who arrange welfare services to another companies, including the company I work for. They had had a lottery for those who answer some questions about their services. So long story short, I was one of the two winners, and another winner was also from my company. I didn’t know her before hand but we would be sharing a room on this trip. Oh, my price was 4 day hiking trip to Dolomites, Italy! I had to change some shifts at work to be able to go but I managed to get the time off I needed. Luckily for me I have the best work mates ever!

I met other members of our crew at Milan airport where we landed at Thursday afternoon. There were two couples, one lone women and one lone man and us. I met my soon to be roommate too, she was older than me but that didn’t matter, we got along great from the start!
Our transportation was waiting us at the airport. We were to make a little stop at Lake Garda and get our tour guide from there. Our tour guide owned an pizzeria near the lake and he had arranged and lunch for us. Different kinds of pizzas, all really delicious. And beer also. Great start for the trip! The weather was awesome, sun was shining and it wasn’t nearly as cold than I had feared. It was mid-October in the mountains after all. It was hot actually and I almost started to regret my shoes. I have a sweaty feet and didn’t have but that one pair of shoes with me, the pair that I was going to do all the hiking too. There were nothing I could do about it so I tried not to think about it too much.



From the pizzeria our tour-guide hopped on the minibus with us and we started to go around the Lake Garda, it was so beautiful! I made a mental note that this was one of the places I would like to come back some day. We made little sightseeing stop at another side of Lake Garda before continuing our way to Madonna di Cambiglio. The scenery were amazing! Mountains, forests, lakes..So beautiful! Our hotel were beautiful too! This chalet type of building in the edge of the forest. Our rooms were great too but we were little bit nonplussed when we saw that there were just one bed. For two practically strangers to sleep in. We laughed it off though, it was a big bed! King-size I think. Lucky that we were both womens, I don’t think my boyfriend would liked me to share the bed with another guy.


We didn’t have dinner in the hotel, but went for this farm nearby. Our tour-guide knew the owners, it seems that he knew everybody in the area! And we got tour around the farm and food freshly made from the farm own ingredients. One of the best pannacottas I have ever tasted!

Next morning we were doe to our first hike. It was to the “mountain side” of Madonna di Cambiglio. Elevator took us up the mountain.The hights you can’t see from the pictures but for someone who come from middle of flat expanse wields, the rocks and mountains looks always very impressive.





At the very beginning of our hike my roommate hurt her head of a little cliff which came on to the path. Everybody was looking at their feet so it was easy mistake to not look up to watch your head too! She and the tour guide left behind walking little bit slower than the others to the first break place. She didn’t want everybody to wait her, she practically forced us to keep going without her.
They reach us at the break place, this house up in the mountain where was little diner where we had lunch. She had hit her head so bad that she wanted to go back to the hotel so our guide went with her and he, the guide left us with mental map which way to follow down.


Our guide had had this funny way of telling things and our “new” guide, one men of our group which he had left on charge kept doing the same. We saw a place where they had filmed the movie Die Hard and the place where Bruce Willis has kept his brakes etc. Really funny. We had good day hiking down the mountain and at the bottom we opted to get a hotel car to pick us up at the town.
In the hotel my room mate had had relaxing day and seemed to be okay. All of our group went together to dinner. Our tourguide knew this amazing place, Lago Nambino. Our hotel car left us at the beginning of this track, there were not lights anywhere, we had to bring flashlights that we were able to see. We walked up to this little lake and beside that lake was the diner. This diner also had an guest house and at a winter the hotel stuff would use these elevators to bring their guests luggages up.
We had quite good food but the ambient was the thing I fell in love with.


Next morning we had breakfast at the hotel as the day before. This morning the hotel stuff already knew that I liked tea and they brought it to me without asking. You just had to love service like that! Our tour guide had to leave, something to do his restaurant at Lake Garda so he left us again with a mental map and rough guide line to follow at this days hike. My roommate didn’t company us today either, she said that she would tour the town on her own on a slower pace. I offered to company her but she declined so I went with rest of our group. At another side of the mountain today but views where as stunning as yesterday.


We had coffee break at this little café near another lake and had lunch at Lago Nambini which was full! The weather was great so that wasn’t surprising. We we’re in Italy so we thought that we would have some pasta. And me with my great, ahem, language skills told everybody that I think tagliatelle is pasta, so some ordered cheese tagliatelle and some meat tagliatelle. And when our food was brought to us we had cheese and meat but tagliatelle means also an plate. I was little bit embarrassed by that but everyone just laughed it off.





At our walk down it started raining but luckily for us the rain didn’t last long. We walked by Olympic slopes and ended up back in the town. We went to get some icecream and tour a little. From the town almost all of us decide that this night would be great to test our hotels spa. The spa was little bit disappointing for me, the pool was little so I couldn’t do any laps and the sauna, well, I am from Finland so if the sauna doesn’t have an wood burning “heater”, puukiuas, it is not an sauna! But I didn’t really expect to find an good sauna outside of Finland so no surprise there.
After spa we went to the hotel reception to sit and have some beers, and I had cards with me so we started playing. I shuffled the cards and the bartender gaped at me. Or not at me but my shuffling. When I was little girl my dad tought me to how to shuffle so I do it quite well. And the bartender agreed, he asked me if it would be okay to him to take a video of me shuffling. He said that he would just film my hands, I said it would be okay, and it would have been okay even if my face would have been showing. He wanted to show it to his grandchildren. We joked a little with the bartender and after our beers and dinner was time to bed. Next day we would have to leave for home.


At that last picture there is an plate from a bench. There where quite few of these benches beside a trek on our second day hike. After ones loved one dies, people would brought bench beside a trek to honor the memory of the loved one. I think it's lovely!

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What stunning scenery! I very much enjoyed reading about your prize :) In England too we have this custom where people pay to dedicate a bench to a departed loved one, usually in a place associated with them - a view they were fond of, a park they visited often etc. It's a lovely custom.

By the way, you are right that 'tagliatelle' means a type of pasta but I suspect that what you ordered was cheese and meat 'tagliate' which means cuts (the plural of 'tagliata'). One of my favourite Italian dishes is 'tagliata di manzo' which is a piece of beef marinated and cooked very rare, then sliced (i.e. cut) and served in its marinade - so yummy!

by ToonSarah

Loved the photos and the story of your prize.

by greatgrandmaR

Thank you! This is so far one of my favourite trips, it was little difficult to choose a pictures in this post, I took so many good ones :)
I didn't know that they have this same custom in England too, I will keep my eyes open when I some day get to visit there, it is really a lovely custom! :)

by hennaonthetrek

Well done on winning the prize! Looks like a great trip!

by katieshevlin62

Thanks, it was a really good trip! :)

by hennaonthetrek

How fortunate for you to win this prize. The tour sounds like you had a wonderful time. And the photos were excellent.

by littlesam1

Thank you Larry! Tour indeed was wonderful! :) the scenery was photogenic so good photos were easy to take :)

by hennaonthetrek

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