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Tarxien, Malta 12.9.-13.9.

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We have only booked a flights and first 2 days accommodation in Malta. I found this beautiful old building turned in to an B&B, The Burrow Guest House, it’s near the airport which was about the only criteria we had for the first night staying. First I were about to book it only for one night but the details showed me that it is located near some temples which I would like to visit and is also quite near the capital, Valletta, which would also be nice place to make a day trip to.
We have really flexible itinerary, only must’s is the Popeye’s Village at the western end of Malta and the island of Gozo. And the exciting part, we are only going from place to place by foot! We have brand new backpacks and minds set for an adventure!

Thursday 12th

In Finland we have this saying “Oppi ja ikä kaikki”, rough translation goes something like “Learn and age is all”. It means that the older you get the more you have learned and this first day “backpacking” I have aged, lol.

First of all I learned that you can’t trust men to remember anything. I said several times to Toni that the train leaves at 7:50 AM, most resent was yesterday. So what happened this morning, I put my alarm at 6 AM but when it goes off I hit the snooze button, but just once and just for 15 minutes. But that’s beside the point. I woke up, ate breakfast etc. At 7AM I called an taxi to take us to the train station and started wondering that why Toni hasn’t up yet. When I went to wake him he said that I had said the time wrong and he still has time to sleep..Yeah right. So I am the bad guy when he had to rush to be in time when the taxi arrived.

Second was that if the bag is not feeling good at home, then it won’t be good anywhere else either. Now I am not talking about my brand-new Deuter here but my old sort-of handbag which I had to take so I could take laptop etc to the plane (carry-on). And I absolutely hate that bag. It’s like these hippie-type of “no-form-bag” with one department. But with that one department you have to dig everything out because of course the phone, or the passport, or the thing you are needing now, is at the bottom of that #%&!%#”! thing. I only took it because it weights practically nothing and I can roll it in to the big back but after this trip I am going to bin it, no matter how nice it looks.

Third. You need to remind people of everything. All the time. I sent e-mail approx. 1 month ago to the hotel to inform them that we will need the key box code doe to our late arrival. Their reception closes at 7PM and our flight was arriving 6:30 PM. I never received an answer, I tried again week ago with same result. So Tuesday I picked up the phone and called. Very nice lady answered and told me that of course they will send the key box code and that they will do it at the morning of the arrival. Aaaand, this morning no key code. This afternoon, no key code. So I called again, and again very nice lady answered. This time I got the key code so no problem there but two e-mails and two phone calls sound little bit excess to me.

Fourth but not the least. I do not know how to pack the backpack. It’s all “wonky” and I do not know how I manage to get the weight so unbalanced. Basic physics, put the heaviest stuff on the bottom, right? Nice in theory but how I am suppose to do that when everything weights almost the same? Well I need to practice this. A lot I am afraid. And also, it’s 100% clear that I have never carried anything on my back. Just wanted to add that.


This thing is almost as big as I am!

But we made it to our first hotel! And we walked from the airport, just about millions and millions steps (somewhere around 4-5 km). The Burrow Guest House is as nice as I predicted from the photos! There is only 9 rooms so nice and little just how we like it. We also have our own shower!
We got rid of our backs and headed to find a store, all of them was closed. Founded bar instead, it was under renovation. Or not maybe renovation but they were making it bigger, huge. It was open nonetheless and the bartender proudly show us around. They had had party and barbeque previous night, that would have been fun! But the bartender told us that there were village-festival in the neighbor village this weekend so we might visit there.

Just last thought of the day, I am on the summer holiday and feeling great! ;)




Above some photos of our lovely hotel

Friday the 13th

No plans for the day really, we just left the hotel after breakfast and headed to the Tarxien temples which were near.
They were little bit of an disappointment. I don’t think that is right to sell people that “Hey here is really old temple, come to have an looksie” when it is mostly an replica. By replica I mean that the original part have been hauled to an museum somewhere and they have been replaced by copies. It is okay to renovate and keep the excisting parts in good shape but when they are fakes, they just are fakes.


Tarxien temple


Tarxien temple

The capital I did like. We took an bus to Valletta and roamed around little. The Triton fountain was beautiful and the city gates were impressive. The boys didn’t influence the impressiveness of the gates but they did stick to my mind. There were these guys who were advertising an restaurant and they had t-shirt which has “Why have abs when you can have kebabs” in the back. Funny.
In the evening we went to have a dinner. There weren’t too many places open, just one really which have food. But still I really liked the town of Tarxien, small and intimate. When you walk through it at night, there are people sitting on the steps of the building which give it an really good vibe.

And in the next day I noticed that curse of the day hit (friday the 13th.) Almost all the photos of the day have disappeared. Not really disappeared, I know that I deleted them myself. I have had some issues with my phone so I delete the photos immediately when they are in my cloud server. But maybe doe to the internet here all of the photos weren’t in the cloud when I deleted them.
The temple was fake so no harm in there but the photos from Valletta were nice.

More from Malta when the wi-fi is working better.

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Very interesting, and amusing.

by greatgrandmaR

Glad you liked it!

by hennaonthetrek

You should get some packing cubes for your backpack - they keep similar things together and easier to take out of the bag.

by road to roam

Those sounds handy, thanks Jerry!

by hennaonthetrek

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