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Marsalforn.In the footsteps of Odysseus and some trespassing

In the heart of Mediterranean III

semi-overcast 27 °C

Tuesday 17 th

1 bus and short ferryride and we are in the island of Gozo! The taxi drivers and tripsellers attacked us immediately when we got out of the terminal. I think we were an easy pray doe to the long lines to the busses. The bus stop was right outside of the terminal doors. Well, we don’t need an taxi nor we know what we are going to do with our time here so vain work for them.

First bus was really full so we waited for the next one, which was coming in 40 minutes, so we had an great surprise when the bus came when we were not yet waited 10 minutes. 2 bus rides and we were almost on the doorsteps of our apartment. We had arrange for someone to come to give us our keys 2 PM and clock was only 12:30PM. We had our backpacks on so we just got some icetea for me and beer for Toni from nearby market and sit on the steps to wait. We haven’t waited even 10 minutes when some women came from the car with her children and asked if we waited for the keys to Dolphin Court, which we were. She lived the next building and before they went inside she said that she will call for the guy to come with our keys. And again not for long, the guy came, give us tour of our flat and keys.

Everything is going just perfectly today!

And the apartment is just right, AC is working (with coins, but there are fans also), we have own kitchen and fridge!
We bought from the market items to make a brunch, dinner and some white wine, so good night is also on the way! It may sound odd but it feels like luxury to have your own kitchen!

Wednesday 18 th

Today we visited Victoria, the capital of Gozo and it’s Citadella. Our ticket didn’t allow us to enter all of the exhibits but we got to see Old prison, Museum of Archeology, The Gozo Nature Museum and the Historic House. Of those the Historic house was most interesting. There where items and furniture which where in use when there were people living in the citadel

Gates to the Citadella


Cathedral of the Assumption


Fountain of the Angry fish

In the prison there was dark and cells with stone walls and wood (convertible) beds, in historic house was dark and small rooms so I don’t think that the photos would be any good and in the Nature museum were dried plants and stuffed animals which I hold no interest to photograph.
So I only took photos from Museum of Archeology and the Citadella itself.

Toni outside of the prison








Marilyn Monroe moments in the Citadella

Somehow we manage to use all day there, it was already 6:30 PM when we got back to our apartment. So there goes the plan to hike to Tas-Salvatur Hill where is statue of Risen Christ. We can see it from our balcony but the sunset is little after 7 PM so that’s an venture for another day.

Thursday 19 th

Some whizzing of the historys wings or at least some chasing after myths. You who know some about Greek mythology might have heard about island called Ogygia. Some say that Ogygia is in fact Malta and that you can find Calypso’s Cave in here. In the mythology Calypso was an nymph who detain Odysseus in her cave for seven years.

Today we head to Ramla Bay with bus and there if we are lucky we might find the Cave. And Cave we did find, after walking 2,5 kilometres from the bus stop we were on the cliffs above Ramla Bay. Quite few others had the same idea than us so it wasn’t exactly the quiet place I had hoped for but the cool breeze and amazing scenery makes Tal-Mixta Cave very much worth visiting!

Tal-Mixta Cave


Tal-Mixta Cave

Up there we see that we took the long way up. From the entrance of the cave starts small path and we take it down to the beach. After some walking in the heat is so nice to have a dip in sea!

Toni on the way down the shorter path


View to the Ramla Beach


Entrance to the Cave

Friday 20 th

On several trips I have wanted to go snorkeling, this one isn’t any different. I just chose a wrong day to do that! We got to the beach where I realise that the sky is all cloudy and there is quite rough waves on the sea. So no snorkeling for me in here either. I did go for a swim though and it was great with all the waves! I just lay there on top of the wafe and let it rock me. And few girl can say that she has swam with unicorns! It’s quite a shame that Toni didn’t take a photo with me and the inflatable unicorn-friend. But I got photos of unicorns and flamingos yesterday so for your joy I add that in here instead.


Unicorns and flamingos

On a evening stroll we go for see the statue of Risen Christ. Unlike Tal-Mixta Cave, in here got whole hill to our selves. Might have doe to the fact that on the beginning of the cross there were sign “Only farmers!”
We defy the wrath of angry farmers and keep on going. We walk past some fields and even see one shed in the further away but were able to reach the statue without any problems.

Farmers fields


Statue of the Risen Christ

The statue has placed there 1970s. The hill is place of local myths and legends and some believe that it is top of an volcanoe doe to the tradition that says that black smoke has risen once from the hill. Some believe in the volcanoe and some say that God punished the people of Gozo.
Before the statue there where wooden cross on top of the hill. First statue replaced the cross in 1904 but it didn’t survive the elements. Second statues supporting pedestal gave in the thunderstorm (that was placed there in 1960s). So the existent statue is third one and is made of reinforced concrete which has so far lasted better than the previous ones.

The weather has been all day windy and it has been welcoming chance to the heat. The mercury has stayed stubbornly between 26-31C during the days.

Toni said when we got here, in Malta I mean, that the electricity might not been stable and he was right, this night the powers shut off. But because I am the smart girl that I am, we had flashlights and I was able to do my packing in dark.
Tomorrow we will leave for our fourth and final destination.

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Malta is way high on my list of places to visit, perhaps even next year. Enjoyed reading your thoughts on your visit there.

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Thanks Larry! Feel free to ask if you want to know something I haven't written about :)

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