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This seems to be a ranting day..Must be morning shift affecting my mood..I am not an early riser, not in a long shot and in morning shifts I have to wake up at 4:30 AM. Way too early for me..
I can’t understand how I can be from north and still be freezing while I am waiting for my train to come. It’s cold! And I can’t understand how some people could be outside in weather like this (+5C and freezing wind) with their ankles bared! And I can’t understand that how I could have packed more clothes for weekend trip than on a two week holiday! I have Christmas gifts whit me too..Good thing that I don’t have to carry those presents back with me! I know, I am way way too late with Christmas presents! But my dad lives 500 km from me and I work in shifts (meaning that I have work in weekends and holidays too) and haven’t got a time to visit earlier. Hence the Santa Claus-duty in March. My mom joked that next year I could go in mid-summer and buy gifts for last Christmas and for upcoming Christmas too so I will be equally late and early with the gifts!


I got in the train without freezing my toes off and went straight to the restauraunt car. I bought brand new super duper awesome laptop last week and took it with me! My first very own laptop! Isn’t it handsome?


I had in my mind that I could write a little and maybe watch some Netflix if I got bored but just after I took that photo some men came in to my table and I needed to put my laptop back to bag. These guys didn’t stay long, they just drinked their beer and went back to their seats but after them came one guy who with I chatted rest of the train ride. It’s curious that we, by we I mean people from Finland, are quiet and might seem even sullen and for example if you sit next to a finn in a bus, you might sit without saying anything to each other for a whole ride. But in train you can chat with total stranger for hours. Odd.
So I am in a train going to Helsinki Ink Tattoo Convention which is this weekend. I am thrilled! We started this big leg piece last October and finally it’s going to be ready. My tattoo artist asked me if I could come to the convention to show it so she could win some prices. We decided to shift last session in there so we will get it finished tomorrow! And of course it’s going to win, it’s awesome!
At the same time I am going to visit my dad and little brothers, so good weekend coming!


This day has mostly been all about chilling. We have played Cluedo and Falling tower (read, played with Christmas gifts, lol) with my little brothers, I have been writing a little and mostly just hang out.

Helsinki Ink Convention started at this evening and we started to finish my leg piece. The atmosphere was amazing! Little crowded and noisy but great at the same time. Artists working side by side and curious guests looking around drinking beer and cider. I loved it!
There were one or two painful spots in my leg but mostly I just enjoyed the scene around me. We take couple of breaks too and I got to see around. Many of the artists and people looked and compliment my leg too! I was llittle amazed by that, there were lot other tattoos around so I didn’t stand out like I usually do (I am only one in my close circle with big tattoos) and still my leg got praised! It’s looking great but still!
I started to chat with this guy in neighbouring stall getting his arm inked. He like many others I have seen today drinked beer while they sat under the tattoo gun. I opted not to, I think that if I started drinking we wouldn’t never get my leg finished because I would need to visit the toilet all the time, lol. Time just flew by and soon (in total 50+ hours, 3-4 hour today) my leg was ready! Now I got to drink one cider before going home. Luckily my dad would pick me up so I didn’t need to hop on a tram and bus. My sense of direction is awful which is not a problem during a day, you could always ask directions or take a long route if you get lost but in night (clock was 1 AM) the local trasportation stops running at some point.
We got little late night snack at the Subway on a way back home so I went to a bed really happy girl. Awesome day!


Outlines took 8 hours to make in our first session.
The ready picture is taken in my brothers bedroom so don't blame the backround on me! Lol.


I got my dad lured to come to the convention with me today. Athmosphere was the same today. Dad was driving so, some ciders for me, yes! The guy who I chatted with yesterday while we were getting ink asked me (yesterday) that is my leg painful. He was asking becouse apparently I was just sitting there like nothing were going on while my tattooist did her thing. And there were some painful spots, I don’t deny it. But if I looked the same than everybody else, I really didn’t have anything to worry about. We watched around, it was peculiar to watch others get inked. We saw some spots getting ink that has to be painful but mostly nothing more than an little flinch. Mostly lots of smiles if someone saw us watching. And I got some attention to my leg today too, that is still really odd. Some came chatting too and dad said that many take a long look of my new ink while I were walking around.
Tomorrow is the Best Realistic Ink competition. Keep your fingers crossed!



Competition day today. In this category there were 6 of us total, or should have been but one never showed up. So 5 of us got upstage to show our tattoos to the judges, mine was only one with colour. I tought that it’s a good thing, mine will stand out and win but no. No winning. So my opinion is that the judges just didn’t like colour, but who knows. I am still one experience richer and my tattoo is ready after 7 sessions.
And on the train ride home I saw the same guy who with I chatted on Thursday so of course we started chatting again. Good weekend!


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Lovely tattoo! Sounds like a good weekend!

by katieshevlin62

Thank you! Yes, it really was! :)

by hennaonthetrek

Wow nice piece on your leg. Good work

by JetlagWarriors

Thanks, my tattooist are really talented!

by hennaonthetrek

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