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I hopped on a bus


sunny 24 °C

We didn’t have much of a choice about the location so it was what it was. Party place for a young people. Not my scene. And I can’t blame no-one else but me to agreeing to going there. Initially I had in mind that I would write about whole week but that would’t paint so pretty picture of my travel companions nor my writing skills (lots of swearing included) so I decided to write about that one good day.

That day didn’t start so good..We have already spent almost whole week in Sunny Beach. I set alarm early so we would have whole day to do something fun. Then the ”trouble” begin. First it was too early for my boyfriend to wake up and we had a words about it. So we went for breakfast little bit later. But both of my companions had had one too many last night and had a huge hangover. So we had few more words. And everything ended up me leaving alone. I walked straight to a bus station and asked which was first bus to leave and would there be a bus back tonight. There was so I bought a roundtrip ticket to Sozopol which would leave in 15 minutes. I didn’t know anything about the place, I hoped a little that the bus would take me to the mountains but it didn’t. Sozopol was beautiful little town 40 km or so away from Sunny Beach. And away from Sunny Beach was all I needed so I weren’t too disappointed that I didn’t end up in the mountains.


Later I read that Sozopol is one of the oldest cities onshore of Black Sea and it has around 6 000 inhabitants.
From the bus stop I started to walk towards the old town. I walked around a little before I went to nice looking restauraunt, ordered a white wine and sat down. I drink my wine while reading a book by Colson Whitehead called Underground Railroad. Brutal, harrowing, audacious..Riveting book about severe topic. Not so much of a vacation reading but I would recommend it anyway


After my wine I went to explore a little and ended up in new side of the town, there weren’t so much to see but I found nice little place to eat. I had shospka salad, really good!
I walked around some more but ended up in old town in a terrace in a another restauraunt, having white wine with a book. I finished Underground railroad and started Warm bodies by Isaac Marion. Different kind of book altogether. I quite liked it, you would never imagine to feel compassion for a zombie. Yes, you read right, it’s a zombie book. Don’t knock it until you tried it.


It wasn’t all bad, I bought a awesome beach towel, we played cards in our constant beach pub and I got a good shopping experience. I bought shorts from this stall. The shop keeper give me shots while we bargain the price, we even danced with him. And I got a belt for free! Not really but I like to think that, lol. And for the rest of our stay the guy waved and smiled when we walked by. But for most parts it was beach and beer, I need little bit more than that to have a good holiday! So the Sozopol adventure made my trip!


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It sounds like you made lemonade out of lemons. I was surprised that you were reading real books. I went to school at one of the stops on the underground railroad in Ohio but I did not think that a slave from Georgia would have been on that route. I also did not think that the "railroad" used actual rail tracks.

by greatgrandmaR

Oh, I always have a book (or two or three) with me when I travel. It's something to do while you are waiting at the airport or lying at the beach. I also have this audio book app but I don't like to use it while there is lots of people around, you might miss something happening.
Did you know about the underground railroads at the time when you were at school?

by hennaonthetrek

And by did you know about the railroads I mean did they teach you about them at school?

by hennaonthetrek

I don't remember being taught about them, no. But it was part of the history of the college I went to (in Ohio) and some of the students and professors there at the time were conductors or safe houses on the way to Canada. (It was before my time :) )

by greatgrandmaR

Sometimes when you travel with others you do need some time away to recharge the 'social' batteries :)

by ToonSarah

Sometimes is just nice to move on your own pace :)

by hennaonthetrek

The best day - suiting yourself.

by katieshevlin62

Sometimes when you are traveling you just need a day for yourself. It's best to get away and let the bad feelings wear away and not ruin your entire day. I enjoyed sharing your day with you.

by littlesam1

Thank you. It was exciting, the not-knowing where you will end up and I am sure it has something to do for me having a good day in the end. No time to mull over the bad stuff when you are wondering where you are going, right? :)

by hennaonthetrek

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