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Weekend in Berlin

overcast 6 °C


Berlin was a positive suprise. I didn’t have any expectations of the city before hand, this trip was a birthday gift for my little brother who wished to visit Germany. This was also first time I travel with my stepmom and little brother but I was happy to discover that we have similar pace to explore places.


We got early flight to Berlin and had couple of hours before we could check in to our hotel so we went to little excursion.
And get lost trying to find the East Side Gallery and one really friendly old lady spot us in our need and came to ask if she could point us in the right direction. Naturally we had got off from the S-bahn way too early so back we went and this time we manage to find the right stop. And the East Side Gallery. I don’t quite know what to say or what to feel. If I hadn’t read anything about nazis or holocaust before I would say that I liked it, that it were nice to walk outside and look some street art but I had read about them and what the wall represent. Am I totally ignorant if I want to stick to the positive and enjoy the world biggest outdoor gallery?




After the 1,3 kilometer long piece of history we started to head toward our hotel and took a short cut cross the Görlitzer park. The park would have been really nice if the weather would not be so freezing! I spotted a man practicing a tightrope walking and when he saw me watching I applauded, he was doing a great job. He smiled at me but I think he got little stage fright any way because soon he stopped. We walk to the another end of the park and little bit further before I noticed that we were walking in the wrong direction. Again!


We decided that now would be a perfect time to go sit in the restaurant for a while. First restaurant we spotted was after the park. I had had the chance to buy some postcards earlier, so no better time than now to write them, right? I always buy and write postcards when I am abroad, there is something in it, nostalgia maybe? But I think that my granny, granpa and mom likes to get some other mail than bills. And of course I bought a card for Toni (to you who don’t already know, he is my boyfriend)! He thinks my postcard habit is silly but I wanted to buy one for him too, though I give it to him when I go home instead of sending it via mail. Yes, I know. It’s silly, But I don’t care.


Some U-train adventuring (we might not get to the right train at the first attempt) later we got back to the hotel, in our rooms, out of our rooms and to really nice restaurant to meet some good beer and good turkey medallion. Mmmmm. Food….Beer…Yes, I might be really tired at this point. I had had maybe 2 or 3 hours of sleep last night so let me enjoy my food. And my beer.

After dinner I had one of most perfect dates of my life. Think about long day travelling and walking behind, tub full of hot water, riesling and a good book. Oh, and chocolate. Sounds really good, right?


Today we all were more awake than yesterday. At breakfast we made our plans for the day, now we took good look at the metro map so that we wouldn’t get lost like yesterday, ahem. Still we managed to do little detour but nothing too bad. We got off the metro in near the tv-tower. We had in mind that we could maybe go up but seeing the price made us think other wise. So little bit shopping, some curry-wurst and beer. I am really relaxing, its good sometime to just be! It is the very best feeling when you know that you don’t have to be anywhere nor you need to do anything.


We found our selves in Radisson Blu Berlin, where there was this big aquarium in the lobby. At hotel bar we got really bad service, I ordered white whine and the bartender asked where I am sitting and I pointed it to him, he told me the price but went to make drinks for others. They were before me so that was fine, but I found weird that he should tell me the price if he wouldn’t take my money. So I went to visit the toilet and after I came back he had put my wine in front of my step-mom who was waiting at the bar to get some service. The bartender had asked her that what she would like but after she had tried to order a cocktail he had told her that only after six and went a away. Rude. She had to wait quite long while that he came back to her that she could order something else. Not good place to go just for a drink. But the concierge of the hotel was great when I went to ask him about stamps.


Bad bar lobby experience later we went to Sea life. That was great! I could watch fish swimming around for hours.
We also took a boat drive in river Spree, that would have been more nice in sunny weather but was okay anyway. The statues on that one bridge especially was great! The owl and the eagle. Photo of them would have been great too but I didn’t take any pictures on the boat.


Somehow the clock was already 6 PM and was time to get something to eat. Food was really good and our waiter was even better in the Andy's Diner & Bar near the Sea life. My little brother choose the restaurant.
Now I have another date with the tub, I just love it!


Also today we made our plans at the breakfast, Berlin Dungeon, Berliner Dom and Checkpoint Charlie would be on agenda today,
Berlin Dungeon was first on our list. Is it true that we could get better price buying the ticket outside than inside? Because we met this tourguide at the park outside of the dungeon and bought our tickets from him. He said that they are co-operating with different attractions around the city and they would sell the tickets cheaper. He also show us the website of the Dungeon to show us that he isn’t lying. Nice guy so we took our chances with him. I am almost certain that he was saying the truth.

At the Dungeon we were told that the next act in english is in 1,5 hours so we opted to visit the Berliner Dom while waiting. It situated near so it was an easy choice. The Dom or officially the Berliner Cathedral might be my favourite of this trip. Its magnificent. We walked the observation deck where were great view across Berlin. My stepmother was scared there though she managed to walk around the dom while clutching my brothers arm.


Inside we got a peek the cathedral. Must sound gorgeous when the organs are played!
Below the Cathedral was a crypt where members of the Hohenzollern family are buried. Hohenzollern family ruled Preuss and Germany in years between 1400-1800.


The Berlin Dungeon was interesting, interactive storytelling of bits of Berlin history. I especially liked the Jester at the very beginning. He didn’t tell us history but his acting skills were great!

As for the Checkpoint Charlie, I can’t really say I liked it much. There were the opportunity to take photos with US militia which I think was really tacky. We just walked by really, well at least I can say I did see it.

Not anything to do with Berlin in particular but have you noticed how everyone is glued to their smart phones? Only thing my brother complained about on this trip was how the wi-fi wasn’t fast enough in some places. I can’t understand how people travel from thousands of kilometers just to be on the internet.

We spend our last night in Berlin on nice Italian restaurant, absolutely perfect panna cotta!

Next morning sun came to see us off to the airport, it would have been nice to spend one sunny day at Berlin!


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I'm glad you enjoyed Berlin, it's one of my favourite cities :) You mus go back some time in better weather - there's plenty more left to see! I completely agree that Checkpoint Charlie is tacky - I think it's the only place in the city where they've misfired in their marking of past events, both Cold War and WWII, which otherwise I think they have got spot on. No need to feel bad about enjoying the art of the East Side Gallery - I believe the whole point was to create something beautiful out of the ugly past.

by ToonSarah

I can see why Berlin is one of your favourites! I could think doing for several days if I would visit again! :)

by hennaonthetrek

Great Henna! Sounds overall like a good trip. Yeah smart phone travel! See any selfie sticks? They are the worst!

by katieshevlin62

Selfie sticks were in sight too! Actually, this was one of the best trips I have made this far if you ignore the weather :)

by hennaonthetrek

Several days, yes, but even a week would not be too long!

by ToonSarah

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