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Ao Nang

sunny 28 °C

We went from home to airport by train. It was first time we tried this new ring track which goes straight to airport and I can tell you, it’s really convenient! Don’t have to think about car parking or how to get from train station to airport because the train station is below the airport! How they have not made this earlier?

We had some time to wait in the airport though. We had downloaded some movies to a tablet so we watched those. And pretty much the same continued when we finally get to the airplane. This was our first long plane ride, over 10 hours. We bought a ear sets and watched movies, I read a book, Toni slept and even I dozed of couple of times. I can’t usually sleep on airplane, train or anything that moves really.

This was also first time we travelled with just our hand luggages for any longer period of time. I have made one long weekend but nothing more. Now we were going to be 2 weeks in Thailand. We didn’t safe any time in the airport tough, because the lines to the customs were long! The custom officer even took a coffee break, just sat there and drank coffee while hall full of people waited for him to let us pass. Strange.

When we arrived to the hotel in Ao nang both of us were so tired from the flight that we had to take little nap before anything else. The clock was only 4PM. We slept good 2 or 3 hours! After that long of a nap you should think that you are fresh and ready for anything but no, I was still weary. We went to find some restaurant and do a little grocerie shopping anyway. Nothing much to tell about that first evening.

I can’t say that I really woke up at all at the next day, my first encounter with jet lag I presume. We had breakfast included at our hotel so I got good food at the morning and that was a bonus. The pancakes was awesome!

The hotel was nice and I really loved our balcony! The view looked nothing like hotel, trees and green everywhere, terrace furniture and railing were all wood. It really gave impression that you were in nature particularly when the birds were singing which was often. We spent a lot of time in there during our stay. One morning we were sitting on our balcony discussing about possible shenanigans for the day when we heard this rustling. We had forgot empty bag of chips in the table previous night and it was moving! We monitored it for a while when this little gekko came out from the bag. NIce visitor but it got spooked when he spotted us.


First days went pretty much walking around, we tried our hotel pool once (there were pool chair hoggers every day….), and checking the restaurants. And we found out that Ao nang is pretty much made for a tourists, every restaurant have almost identical menus and shops has same merchandises. This one guy tried to sell Toni a suit everytime we went by. At evenings all the restaurants turn the volume at max it seems. Luckily our hotel was quiet even if it is located at the town center. We tried tuk tuk and I can’t say that it were anything special, just another form of getting from point A to point B.



Of course we looked some other things to do than just roam so we head to Tiger Cave Temple which situated at top of the mountain. We had driver who took us there and waited us while we were climbing the steps. Some of the steps were so steep that I had to really lift my legs to make it and we also made several stops on the way. But the view at top was well worth it! And the weather couldn’t be more perfect! It was little bit cloudy and windy so the heat wasn’t too bad.






We marvelled how big of a job it must have been to build the temple and this big golden Buddha statue on top of the mountain. And we marvelled also this one grandma who walked to visit the statue like it was nothing. I hope that I will be in as good shape as she when I am in her age.
The temple area at the bottom of the mountain looked interesting too but my legs didn’t feel the same way so we opted to go back to the hotel instead of exploring. Which was a shame but I just couldn’t walk no-more!



Our friends from back home came to see us next day and that evening we went to eat together and made plans for the following days. The restaurant got chosen for us while we were checking the menu at bottom of the stairs to this one place, we weren’t quite sure yet but the waiters picked our friends daughters strollers and carried them in.

Next day we walked quite far to this quite nice beach bar, it was near Nopparat thara beach and our hotel was maybe 1 kilometer ”inland” from Ao nang beach. And at that bar my stomach started to feel amiss. First I ignored it, my stomach is always little bit upset while abroad but at the end I had to head back to hotel. Boys stayed but our friends girlfriend with their daughter left with me so I had company on the walk back. I did get to the hotel in time but it was close call. Following night I spent with the toilet, not pleasant I can tell you. My stomach had never ached that bad! Following day boys went to pharmacy and got me some medicine. I napped and watched tv that day and the next because I didn’t dare to go far from the toilet.

At the third day (third day after my fight with my tummy) we had booked a private bus to take us to Ko Lanta. My stomach wasn’t feeling quite normal yet so I was nervous about the drive but luckily in vain. We got to the Ko Lanta alright, even if the driver was driving like a maniac! Our friend who sit in the front seat said to him several times that would he go little bit slower. At one point the driver just said that others drive that distance in 3 hours but he drive it in 2! Crazy! I have never scared so much in a car before! We made it to the harbour and after short ferry ride we were in the island where we would spend our next two days.

After some complications we get to our hotel. First they took us to one hotel which tried to find our names in their books and couldn’t. I was sure that they had just lost our booking and no problem, we would make new one, in there or if they are full or expensive then some other but we didn’t have to, they told us that there is another hotel with same name! In there we went and yes, it was our hotel! Apparently taxi drivers are not know-it-alls.

This hotels pool was better than the one in our hotel in Ao nang. I got to do couple of laps before it started to rain. In our room we had tub too but the balcony wasn’t near as nice as our ”own” hotel (our hotel in Ao nang, which name I can’t remember anymore). At that night when I was in the tub the lights went off! I got little bit scared, did that mean that there were tsunami coming? I got out from the water and looked outside, no running people anywhere so this must be normal. I got my self dressed anyway and went with others who were spending time in the other room, just in case.

We found this tree house bar which was awesome! I didn’t dare to eat or drink anything because of my stomach but we played some pool. Yes, there was billiard table up in the tree! Great! It made me feel that I really wasn’t home anymore! Couple of games later boys got hungry so we went to our friends favourite restraurant in Ko Lanta, he has been here before. Mr. Green it was called but sadly I didn’t dare to eat there either in fear of upsetting my stomach again. At the end of the night on the way back to the hotel I bought one chicken skewer which they were making outside this one bar. It was best food I have never tasted. Might be because I haven’t eat real food in days!


At the while boys stayed at the hotel following night, we girls went to do little bit shopping. The streets were not made of asphalt but dirt, another thing to make you feel that you are away from home. And you can go outside without quilted jacket even after dark! I have been wearing strapless dress almost everyday in this holiday and I love it!
I don’t remember that we actually bought anything but we found this little book store which was absolutely perfect, I could have spend hours in there! In our way back from this shopping trip we bought banana pancakes from this lady who had this trolley with hotplate in the back of an motorcycle. She had her cute little daughter helping her serving food and I think those pancakes were best food I had in that holiday! Even better than that chicken skewer of last night.

We had still two days left of our holiday and we did not want to spend them in sitting a car, bus, airplane etc. So we booked our ride back to Ao nang to pick us up tomorrow. Our friends would be staying in Ko Lanta little while longer. I was actually little jealous of them, I liked Ko Lanta much better than Ao nang!

Morning came but the bus didn’t. We waited half hour or so in front of the hotel we were suppose to but nothing. I went inside reception and the nice woman there promised to call around and ask whats going on. Guess what, they forgot to pick us up! The bus that we were suppose to be on were already in the ferry! They sorted another one to pick us and in the end we get to the bus. This drive was way smoother than the one before! Didn’t have to fear this time. And I got ensurement that not all the thai-drivers drive like they were chased after.

So still 1,5 half day to spend! What to do? That day we went to a beach. We didn’t swim but just looked around and walked some, and watched the long-tail boats. And the idea was forming. Tomorrow we would go island hopping! I would like to see Leonardo DiCaprios Island, Mayan beach it was called. When we came from dinner we looked some of the trips and the Leo’s Island trip was one of the most expensive ones, go figures. There where including 6 or 7 islands in total and we weren’t so interested in the others so we decided thats it’s not worth the money if we are into 1/7 of the trip!

We were quite indecisives still in the next morning but after breakfast we went to the beach again and started looking a trips to go to. In the ticket office was crowding and after peek of the prices we sat down to contemplating our choices.
This western looking guy came to us and asked if we were interested to join him and his girlfriend to rent a boat to split the cost. That was perfect! He said that he would like to still find couple more to get cost even lower but he couldn’t so we headed to the boats just 4 of us. When we were already climbing to the boat the guy spotted two girls looking and went to ask them to join us. And they came! They weren’t looking for a boat ride but were up to it when the opportunity came, how cool is that? The girls were from Sweden and on a two week holiday, same as us. The couple were from Poland and Netherlands if I remember correct and they were on longer trip.

Long tail boats are the typical Thailand form of transportation at the sea, you most certain have seen a picture of them if you have seen a picture from Thailand. There is this car motor attached to a boat so the noise is equivalent of one. Not a quiet boat ride at all. The weather was good, sun was shining and the company was great. First we stopped to take a dip in this lagoon. Our boat driver steer us at ”inside” of the island. Water was warm so it didn’t cool you at all but I love to swim so it was nice! After the lagoon we went to a boat park of this same island and spent some time in the beach. I always think that I should buy a snorkel, here was the same! There were not quite coral but this rock formation under the surface and lots of fish all around which would have been nice to look ”closer”.



From here our polish friend asked the boat driver that do we still have time to visit some other island, he would have liked to see the James Bond island but apparently it was too war away so the guy took us to Paradise Island. He must have laughed at us farangs (means outsider in thai) to go for a boat drive this time of a day. How we could have known that there was low tide just now? Paradise island must look just like paradise in a high tide but now there was this marshlike sand all around the island so we didn’t go swim from there but just walked around.



We saw this another boat near by and our polish friend went to ask them where they were and how much their boat cost to hire. The amount was stupid in comparing to ours! We paid if I remember right, less than 10 euros of this half day so somewhere around 30 euros in total from our whole group. They had the boat for a whole day and I admit, theirs was much bigger and faster, it was one of these motorboats and it cost them several hundreds of euros!
After stopping for a little swim on this another little island we head back to Ao nang. This was by the way first day in whole two weeks that I got burned in sun! If you are wondering, it is a good thing! I usually burn my self in very first day and spend my days in agony and hiding from the sun. So it was perfect timing, tomorrow we were heading home and wouldn’t have to worry about the sun in months!

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A shame you were so ill here :( I often get tummy problems on holiday but fortunately they usually pass quite quickly. The temple on the mountain looks great!

by ToonSarah

Tummy problems seems to be a norm for people who live in quite sanitary countries, luckily mine are usually not as bad as that time :) Temple was great! You don't get the real hight from the photos but it was tall mountain for someone like me who comes from a flat country :)

by hennaonthetrek

Other than you getting ill this looks and sounds like a wonderful time. The temple looks fascinating.

by littlesam1

The temple was one of the highlights on this trip! :) good that we went there before my tummy started acting out!

by hennaonthetrek

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